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The new British strain of Covid-19 present in China – RT en français

Chinese authorities have announced that the Covid-19 mutation discovered in the United Kingdom and believed to be more contagious has been detected in a female student returning to Shanghai.

In a statement released on December 30, 2020, Chinese authorities announced that the new variant of Covid-19 discovered in the United Kingdom has been detected in China in a student returning from the island.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that this new strain was isolated from a 23-year-old woman who returned to Shanghai on December 14 from the UK. The variant was discovered on December 24 in his test samples. Beijing announced the same day the suspension of its flights with Great Britain. This strain is the first of the new variant to be imported into China “and poses a serious threat to the prevention and control of Covid-19” in the country, according to the statement.

Consequently, several control measures were taken, in particular the isolation of the patient. Her contacts have been traced, including passengers and flight attendants who were near her during her plane trip. “The specific places she passed through are fully disinfected,” according to the CDC.

The British variant has already been found in several countries, such as France, Germany, Canada, the United States, Portugal, Jordan, South Korea and Chile. Following its appearance, some fifty states have suspended arrivals of travelers from this country in recent weeks. This coronavirus mutation detected in the United Kingdom is 50% to 74% more contagious than other existing strains, according to experts.

China, where the new coronavirus first emerged a year ago, has virtually stopped the epidemic. The country closed its borders to most foreign travelers at the end of March and drastically reduced its air links with the rest of the world.