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The most shocking revelations from Danny Masterson’s first rape trial

“‘Take that fucking soap,'” he told her, from her recollection, but she couldn’t. “He grabbed my hair,” she continued, “and pulled me up because I was trying to sit up…I don’t remember soaping myself up.” She mainly remembers being slumped on the shower floor and then having the water turned off, after which she said, “I guess I passed out or something, I don’t remember. not.”

Jen said she didn’t know how she managed to get out of the bathroom, but Masterson “sort of picked me up and pushed me onto the bed.” Once again she continued, “I was asleep, or passed out, or unconscious.” She admitted that her memory of the sequence of events was fuzzy.

But she continued: “To the best of my knowledge, when I first woke up on this bed, he was on top of me and his penis was inside of me, and that’s when I I regained consciousness and immediately my first realization was that this is what I woke up to.

She tried to put a pillow between them, she recalled, but he grabbed her and held her to her face, knocking her unconscious again. When she came to, she said, she grabbed his throat. Then he put his hand around her throat, Jen said, and “squeezed really hard.” Mueller asked her what she was thinking at the time. “That I was going to die,” she replied. “He is going to kill me.”