The Modem accused of having embezzled European funds, François Bayrou denies all the allegations – RT in French

According to a police report, the MoDem chaired by François Bayrou would have set up a system to embezzle funds from the European Parliament. The High Commissioner for Planning denies all the accusations and ensures that all this “will be proven”.

According to a police report consulted by AFP, the MoDem chaired by François Bayrou has set up an “old and more or less informal system” aimed at using the funds of the European Parliament to maintain the activity of the party and level of remuneration of UDF-MoDem employees.

In its conclusions dated April 14, the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and Financial and Fiscal Offenses (OCLCIFF) thus estimated that “to support his party and ensure its functioning at a lower cost, François Bayrou and Marielle de Sarnez, Supported by party executives, they put parliamentary assistants paid by the European Parliament at the service of the UDF, then of the Modem, ”the press agency also reports.

The anti-corruption police nevertheless describe a system which “was not based on a monolithic and systematic method” and explain that “it evolved over time and came under the appropriateness of situations while respecting a determined budget”, it is written. . The investigators explain that “the hijacked parliamentary collaborators had a part-time employment contract with the party and another with the elected European [endormant] thus the vigilance of the services of the European Parliament ”.

François Bayrou denies all the accusations and ensures that everything “will be proven”

Asked on June 5 by journalist Apolline de Malherbe on BFM TV, the president of MoDem declared that all this “was not true”, specifying that “the day when we want to take an interest in the evidence, we will see, we will see that it is not true ”. François Bayrou also considered that this report and the terminologies used were not clear, taking offense at “unfounded suspicions”.

The High Commissioner for Planning appointed by Emmanuel Macron also indicated: “A parliamentarian is someone who lives or is elected thanks to his political party; the fact of working with your political party, that’s the basics, if you don’t do it, that’s where you are immoral. ” Referring to this information disseminated for the first time by The world in an article published on June 2, the president of the MoDem immediately declared on Twitter that these allegations were “false” and these accusations “malicious”.

About fifteen people already indicted for “embezzlement of public funds” or “complicity”

The report assesses the prejudice of the European Parliament at 1.4 million euros, however including in this figure the entire remuneration (400,000 euros) of the remuneration of assistants who all the same partially worked for MEPs, underline their authors.

In the end, OCLCIFF suggests legal proceedings for “embezzlement of public funds” against nine former MEPs including Sylvie Goulard, Nathalie Griesbeck, Jean-Luc Bennahmias and Robert Rochefort. This offense could lead to a penalty of ineligibility for these former elected officials.

The police also consider it possible to prosecute three party executives for “complicity” in this crime and evoke possible prosecutions for “concealment” against the former assistants as well as against the MoDem, its president, its former financial director and several other people. .

The last word will go to the investigating judges who have already initiated proceedings by ordering the indictments of fifteen people from November-December 2019, most of them for “embezzlement of public funds” or “complicity”. Among them, François Bayrou and his right arm Marielle de Sarnez (died January 13) as well as the former Minister of Justice Michel Mercier.

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