the majority of those she denounces come from the cultural world ”

Chronic. Lesbian genius (Grasset, 240 p., 19 euros) is a radical book which outrages some and arouses joy in others. Its author, Alice Coffin, elected environmentalist in Paris, is gentle when she talks about women, rude when it comes to men and their domination. “Let them release”, she writes. This has the merit of clarity. Her book, which sold 3,000 copies in two weeks, relaunches a war of the sexes, another within feminism and a third, finally, within the left. That is a lot of damage that the right and others can savor.

This tumult obscures a point. The majority of those denounced by Alice Coffin are not CAC 40 bosses or politicians, they come from the cultural world. Culture, the privileged target of a lesbian, leftist activist, is surprising. But of the time. For many defenders of minorities, the fight to be waged is less economic or social than cultural and identity.

Lilian Thuram’s book, White Thought (Ed. Philippe Rey, 320 p., 20 euros), takes the same target, with the major difference that the author advocates dialogue. Alice Coffin, she reminds a little of Virginie Despentes and her essay King kong theory (Grasset). But this book, which has become a bestseller, much better written, more powerful, wilder and more literary – when Coffin wants to be programmatic – dates from 2006 and the male is included in a critique of capitalism.

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Alice Coffin, who, moreover, has just hung on her hunting table Christophe Girard, the “M. Culture” of Mme Hidalgo in Paris, fallen for his connections with the writer and self-proclaimed pedophile Gabriel Matzneff, writes that “Cultural circles are the most reluctant to admit that they have a problem with women”. And then : “Artists show much more condescension than business leaders when they denounce their sexist view. “

Violent cleavage

It is true that the cultural world, by wearing daring shapes, believes itself to be exemplary. He is not. All studies show that women are still in the background in the world of culture. And the solutions to be brought to this problem reflect the violent divide that crosses feminism.

Some, the majority, are fighting to shake up this landscape. Alice Coffin, like others, thinks the system is so rotten it needs to be destroyed. It does not matter that there is better, especially under the impetus of the #metoo movement. So she “throws” a dozen names, pins it ” male chauvinism “ publishing houses or the ” grind “ what cinema is, denounces those who justify their programming with the notion of “Talent” while they appoint men ” because they are men ”, defends universalism, a concept misled by the white man in order to impose ever more his aesthetic standards.

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