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the locker room under tension after Paris, the change demanded of Ancelotti!

Zapping World Eleven Winning pass

Optimists will say that with just one goal to make up for, Real Madrid are still well on their way to qualifying against PSG in the Champions League Round of 16. But on the Madrid side, we are well aware that the problem is broader, with a merengue formation tossed about as rarely throughout the match, and a very flattering scoreboard in terms of the face displayed.

All this shows the tension within the Real Madrid dressing room. The Spanish media ABC ensures that after the match, players and staff were very critical after their own performance. The same thing on the management side, who do not understand why Carlo Ancelotti took so long to launch Federico Valverde in the game, when the Merengues needed his impact in midfield.

Valverde and Camavinga claimed from Ancelotti

The Italian manager is also heckled from all sides after this very disappointing copy. The Spanish media assures that the leaders of the locker room have asked him to field more physical teams, in particular by launching Camavinga and Valverde more often at kick-off. An alternative that will be mandatory in the second leg anyway with the suspension of Casemiro.

to summarize

The defeat against PSG on Tuesday evening left its mark on the side of Real Madrid. More than the score (0-1), it was the way that was hard to take. And which pushes the Madrid locker room to a questioning… which includes Carlo Ancelotti.


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