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The Latest: FM says Taliban discourages attacks from territory

The foreign minister of Afghanistan’s new Taliban-led government says the government remains committed to keeping promises not to allow militants to use its territory to attack others.

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s new Taliban-led government has said the government remains committed to keeping its promises not to allow militants to use its territory to attack others.

In his first press conference since the Taliban formed an interim government a week ago, Amir Khan Mutaqi did not say on Tuesday how long the government would be in place or whether it would possibly be open to others. factions, minorities or women. .

Asked about the possibility of elections, Mutaqi called on other countries not to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal problems.



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ROME – Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has said that the way Europe treats Afghan refugees will test the continent’s integration process.

In his remarks Tuesday at an interfaith meeting in Bologna of participants from the Group of 20 made up of representatives from industrialized and emerging countries, Draghi referred to those who have recently fled Afghanistan.

“The European Union must not ignore the tragedy of these people, nor the historical dimension of these events,” he declared.

The European Union for years “has been unable to build a common approach on the issue of migration, and in particular on the distribution of arrivals and asylum seekers,” said the Italian leader.

Italy, where hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers arrived via smuggling boats launched from Libya, has lobbied its European partners for years to no avail to take in large numbers of migrants.

Some EU countries have indicated that they will not accept Afghans fleeing their homeland beyond those they evacuated in the last days of the US military presence in Kabul.


ISLAMABAD – Pakistani Prime Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the latest situation in neighboring Afghanistan during a phone call.

Imran Khan, who received Putin’s appeal on Tuesday, also exchanged views on bilateral cooperation and collaboration within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is a Russian-Chinese-dominated security pact that also includes the ex-Soviet countries of Central Asia.

According to a government statement, Khan “underscored the importance of peace and stability in Afghanistan for regional security and prosperity.”

He said Khan stressed the urgent need for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and the imperative to avoid an economic crisis. The statement said Khan also stressed the need for the international community to remain engaged in Afghanistan.

He said Khan stressed that close coordination and consultations between Pakistan and Russia on developments in Afghanistan was of crucial importance.



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