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The laborious fight against cybercrime slowed down by the lack of staff

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Data taken hostage, ransom demands to regain access to one’s computer: cyberattacks are ” more and more numerous and more and more sophisticated ” in the world.

Businesses as well as individuals are victims of these computer hacks. A scourge exacerbated by the war in Ukrainewhich cost more than 6 trillion dollars in 2021 alone, according to the boss of the Italian aeronautics and defense giant Leonardo, Alessandro Profumo.

A fifth of these attacks affect European countries. The reason: a shortage of experts on the market, particularly in Europe. ” In France, there are currently 80,000 engineers missing on the market, 200,000 by 2024 “, explains Philippe Trouchaud, technology specialist at PWC PriceWatersCooperf. A sector largely under-supplied with qualified manpower according to him:

It is estimated today that globally, there is a shortage of about 2 million professionals on the cybersecurity market, there are studies which estimate that this figure must be around 500,000 to 800,000 professionals for Europe.

Another major problem, IT specialists are poorly trained in cybersecurity, he says. ” There was a survey of computer scientists. Only 44% considered having basic cybersecurity skills. This is not what explains the attacks, but it explains why companies are struggling to progress on this subject “He assures the microphone of Ariane Gaffuri, of the economy service.

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