The idea of ​​an American wall on the Mexican border relaunched by the governor of Texas – RT en français

The governor of Texas Greg Abbott will announce next week his plan for the construction of a wall on the border between Mexico and this southern state of the United States, he affirmed during a press conference.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to resume construction of a wall on the Mexican border, he told a press conference on June 10.

Denouncing illegal immigration “out of control” and announcing a series of measures to strengthen police resources for the arrest of migrants, the Republican governor declared that he wanted the resumption of the work launched under the presidency of Donald Trump and stopped on the first day of the Joe Biden’s tenure.

Greg Abbott, however, did not provide more details on his plans for the construction of this wall and doubts remain about the feasibility of such a project for Texas since part of the land at the border belongs to the federal government or to individual. He ensures to specify the details next week.

The construction of an “anti-migrant” wall on the border between Mexico and the United States was one of Donald Trump’s main campaign promises for the 2016 presidential election.

The barrier, along some 3,200 kilometers of the border with Mexico, was supposed to protect the country from illegal migrants, criminals and drug traffickers.

“Promise made, promise kept”, assured the White House in January, during Donald Trump’s visit to Texas to mark the completion of more than 700 kilometers of this wall.

Arrests of migrants on the US border with Mexico hit their highest level in 15 years in March, statistics released in April show that increased pressure on Joe Biden, accused by the opposition of downplaying the crisis .

They accuse the president of having caused a “breath of fresh air” by relaxing the migration policies of his predecessor Donald Trump and of ignoring the problem thus created.

US Vice President Kamala Harris even had to appeal to illegal migrants to give up going to the United States. “Don’t come. Don’t come, ”she said on June 7.

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