the failure of the RN in the first round of the regional is linked to its “demonization” – RT in French

For Jean-Marie Le Pen, given “the events which prove the party right”, the RN should have done better. But he believes that after its strategic turn, the RN no longer represents an “alternative” to a “decadent and doomed” system.

In a news interview broadcast on his YouTube channel on June 24, the founder and former leader of the National Front (now the National Rally) Jean-Marie Le Pen, estimated that the failure of this political formation during the first round of the regional elections was linked to the “demonization” of the movement initiated by his daughter, Marine Le Pen.

“The RN suffered a failure which is linked to a very banal phenomenon which has been called, depending on the time, de-demonization, and which is in fact the de-lepenisation which consisted in withdrawing from the National Front the most dynamic elements of its electoral campaigns and the most impactful in terms of achievements, ”said Jean-Marie Le Pen. The patriarch specifies that the movement used to present itself as an “alternative” to a “decadent and doomed” system with a position “to the right of the right”, which seems no longer to be the case.

Considering the events that proved him right, he should have progressed much more than the others

If the National Rally had maintained this initial line, “the National Front would have been gradually rallied by a growing part of the electorate realizing the decline of France, and in a way, the prospects for recovery exclusively presented. by the National Front ”, according to Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Considering the events which proved him right, he should have progressed much more than the others,” he concludes.

During the first round of the regional and departmental elections which took place on June 20, the National Rally gave the lie to all the polls by posting an overall score much lower than in 2015 during the previous regional elections. Announced in the lead in six regions by the polls, the National Rally only came first in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

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