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the Epic Games Store is getting bigger and closer to Steam

Epic Games has shared some interesting information in recent days: since the launch of the Epic Games Store platform in December 2018, more than 500 million user accounts have been created.

It only took 3 years for Epic to gather 500 million accounts, a nice score which will however have cost the group dearly.

Remember that Epic had announced an initial 5-year strategy with investments to negotiate total or temporary exclusivities, offer games to players and not aim for profitability before at least 2023. An initiative supported by many investors since the group has raised over $1 billion in funds in April 2021.

The goal for the Epic Games Store is always to come and compete with Steam: the very creation of the platform comes from the fees imposed by Steam on developers that Epic does not find fair.

In 2019, Valve claimed more than a billion user accounts and has not communicated on this figure since. Because it is above all the number of players connected simultaneously that matters: 27.9 million players on January 2 as the last record established on Steam… Epic Games for its part is very far from it with a record of 13.2 million players.

Nevertheless, the gap is gradually closing and Steam should be worried about the meteoric rise of the Epic Games Store. Especially since the latter achieves these figures with a platform that still lacks some features…

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