The environmental innovations of French start-ups

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Climate, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, food, health, energy, sustainable and connected cities… CentraleSupélec and AgroParisTech have launched a support program for young French start-ups that are responding to the challenges of the climate crisis.

CentraleSupelecwhich is an engineering school of excellence at the service of innovation and the business world, and AgroParisTech, a world-renowned research institute in life and environmental sciences, have decided to provide students, entrepreneurs and even researchers with all the scientific expertise from their multiple research laboratories. The objective of this program, simply called 21st (twenty-first) is to develop rapidly breakthrough innovations offered by young shoots.

This massive support for entrepreneurship will make it possible to respond to the major challenge of the climate crisis, specifies Anita de Voisins, director of entrepreneurship at CentraleSupélec: “ We benefit from a high-performance ecosystem within our school which benefits more than 4,000 students following an engineering course or specialized masters. But we also have 18 research laboratories at our disposal, in which 400 teacher-researchers and as many doctoral students excel.

The role of CentraleSupélec is both to raise awareness and train students, doctoral students and teacher-researchers in innovation, entrepreneurship and business creation, but also to create links between these different worlds. so that innovations coming out of the laboratories offer economic market opportunities through the creation of companies.

Our objective is to push forward useful and responsible innovations for our societies, in particular those which respond to the major challenge of the climate emergency. This is why we have joined forces with AgroParisTech, in order to provide concrete solutions to the crucial challenges of the 21st century, in the critical areas of climate, biodiversity, agriculture, food, health, energy, or even sustainable and connected cities. »

This development program which associates the creators of start-ups and scientists, relies on public and private financing tools. Scholarships, help with project creation, funding for start-ups, program also benefits from a network of more than 45,000 alumni made up of former students and young graduates of the school and the institute, but also from the support of major higher education establishments throughout Europe.

Eleven new concrete achievements from the 21st program will be presented on Tuesday, September 27 in Paris. Disruptive innovations at the service of the ecological transition which, for example, allow to decarbonize hydrogen production, decontaminate the soil with plants or to measure from space and at the level of each tree the carbon stored by forests.

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