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After the February holidays, the town hall of Lyon had resorted to a single menu devoid of meat in the canteens to speed up service rates. The meat will now be partially reintroduced, “every five meals on average”.

The ecologist town hall of Lyon announced on April 13 that meat would be partially reintroduced into school canteens from April 26, after a recent controversy over the use of a single menu in the face of health constraints.

“We still have no visibility on what the health protocol will be at the start of the school year. But this time, we had time to work on a proposal for a hot dish with meat that will be made on a regular basis, every five meals on average, ”explained the Education Assistant, Stéphanie Léger, during a press videoconference.

This meat menu will not include an entry in order to save the time necessary to feed all the children, said the elected official. According to her, after the February holidays, the use of a single menu had made it possible to free up 10 minutes per service and thus ensure one more in certain establishments. This solution had been adopted in the face of a new health protocol which slowed down the rate of service, by imposing two meters of separation in the canteen between the class groups, which prevented as many children from eating at the same time as there. ‘ordinary.

No timetable for a full return to normal

The town hall had considered that a single menu without meat, but including eggs or fish, was “the least excluding” for the students, given their eating, taste or religious habits which already lead half of them, in normal times. , to separate the meat. At the same time, the time slot for meals had been extended, and the city had made other catering facilities available, such as gymnasiums.

The local opposition, relayed by members of the government, had however accused the environmental executive of wanting to impose a vegetarian “ideology”. Farmers expressed their dissatisfaction in front of the Town Hall at the end of February. Since then, the EELV mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet has received the representatives of the sector to present them the new specifications for school catering, whose market will be renewed in 2022.

According to the elected delegate for local food Gautier Chapuis, the municipality has kept its commitment to reintroduce meat in menus, “by making lace and calculating the minutes to serve food to children”. Asked about a return to normal, that is to say the choice of a meat menu every day, he replied that he could not give a calendar, for lack of knowing the health protocols to come from here. the end of the school year or the start of the September.