the deliverer Deliveroo under the blow of an obligation to leave the French territory – RT in French

The delivery man Deliveroo accused by two restaurateurs of having refused to serve Jewish people appears in court in Strasbourg. Of Algerian nationality, he is also subject to an obligation to leave French territory.

On January 14, the Strasbourg Criminal Court is examining the case of the delivery man Deliveroo accused by two restaurateurs of anti-Semitism for refusing to deliver people of Jewish faith. At his side, another delivery man also appears who lent him his Deliveroo account and the equipment to make the deliveries. The two restaurateurs, the Israelite consistory of Bas-Rhin and the National Office for Vigilance Against Antisemitism have lodged a complaint in this case.

Two sources close to the case, contacted by RT France, confirmed the information that the main defendant in this case was of Algerian nationality and that he was also subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF).

Deliveroo didn’t collaborate at all at first, they assured restaurant owners that the delivery man’s name was Jesus

MEP Meyer Habib said on Twitter: “The delivery boy Deliveroo who refuses to deliver Jews arrested and tried tomorrow in immediate appearance. Her name: Dhia Eddine D. Algerian! Paperless and anti-Semitic! We are waiting for the sanction! ”

Contacted by RT France, Sammy Ghozlan, president of BNVCA, alerted by phone: “We have a lot of people calling us at the moment because they are worried that the food delivered to certain surnames could be made toxic. But above all, what I would like to stress is that Deliveroo cannot get away with this. The principal must be prosecuted for these practices, his responsibility is essential. They work with anyone and we do not know where the information that is collected for deliveries goes. We have already seized the Ministry of the Interior and we will seize the Cnil in this regard as well. “

“Justice must be able to investigate this nebula”, asks the plaintiffs lawyer

The lawyer Raphaël Nisand, who represents several plaintiffs in this case, deplores: “Deliveroo did not collaborate at all at the beginning, they assured the restaurant owners that the delivery man was called Jesus and that they were going to warn his” superiors “. So justice closes the ban with these two lamp workers who will appear today, the case is settled the large multinational will continue as if nothing had happened? Surely not ! They must respond to justice and the latter must be able to investigate this nebula. “

Two complaints from restaurateurs had been lodged by Kosher restaurateurs in Strasbourg on January 7 and the lawyer had explained to AFP: “It’s a bit the same scene that is described by restaurateurs: they prepare the order and the delivery man asks: “What is your specialty?” The restaurateur replies: “These are Israeli specialties”, and the delivery man then says: “Oh no, I do not deliver to Jews” and cancels the delivery. “

On January 11, contacted by AFP, Deliveroo claimed to have contacted the restaurateurs concerned. “We take this incident very seriously and immediately decided to conduct our own internal investigation, to clarify these circumstances,” responded the company in a written message before adding: “If the facts as they are reported, we will act and put an end to the contract of the responsible delivery person. ” The delivery platform also declared that it had “no tolerance for anti-Semitic words or actions, which constitute a criminal offense, and [condamner] any act of this nature with the greatest firmness ”. The investigation was entrusted to the Departmental Security.

The Israeli Ambassador to France came to Strasbourg to meet one of the two restaurateurs concerned on January 13.

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