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the delicate jasmine harvest



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the delicate jasmine harvest

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France 2 – A. Richier, R. Chapelard, T. Gauthier

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In Grasse, the jasmine harvest is in full swing. This has always been done by hand.

These are five immaculate white petals for one of the most popular perfumes. Jasmine perfumes the region of Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes). “The action of the climate alone will bring something in terms of odorous complex, with not too marked notes“, specifies Fabrice Bianchi, director of an operation.

Nightly, new flowers appear. You have to pick continuously for three months. The flower slips between the thumb and index finger, in a perfectly rhythmic ballet. “If you pull out everything, you will pull out one, two, three flowers.”continues the operator.

Work 6 days a week

First shote towards market gardening, the family devoted itself exclusively to flowers to meet Chanel’s demand. “The house of Chanel never wanted to change the essences that were included in the composition of perfume N°5.says Joseph Mul, former operator of the estate. Around fifty seasonal workers collect the precious petals. Then, they cross the three hectares of field to go to the weigh-in.