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the cost of the student return exceeds the bar of 3,000 euros, denounces the Fage


The start of the 2023 academic year will cost more than 3,000 euros on average per student, a historic level, alarmed Wednesday the Fage (Federation of general student associations), which publishes its indicator of the cost of the start of the academic year. “The finding is more than worrying” for Fage, who estimates that the start of the 2023 academic year will cost 3,024 euros per student, against 2,889 euros the previous year (according to the new calculation methodology applied in 2023).

A “historical” development

“This historic development is mainly due to the impact of the social and geopolitical crisis which results in record inflation,” notes the student organization. On Monday, the student union Unef had published its own assessment, which provided for an increase in the cost of student living of 6.47% for the year 2023-2024, i.e. a necessary additional budget of 49.56 euros per month.

Published each year, the Fage indicator estimates the cost of the start of the school year for a typical 20-year-old university student, non-scholarship holder. This year, its increase is driven by that of “everyday living expenses” (+8.88% compared to 2022), in particular that of rents, “first item of expenditure” for students (+8.95% compared to at the previous start of the school year) and food (+15.24%).

However, “the aid dedicated to students on these expenditure items does not allow them to cope with the increase in costs”, underlines Fage, who notes that the revaluation of APL (+ 1.6% in April) is in -below soaring rents.

The overall increase in living expenses will reach 97.81 euros per month in 2023

Faced with the explosion of back-to-school fees, students in Staps (sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities) are affected in particular by the increase in the cost of sports equipment (+ 19.88%), said Wednesday in a separate press release. their national association, Anestaps.

Student midwives also warn in a press release about their “growing precariousness”, while 29.2% of them declare that they carry out a paid activity in parallel with their schooling, according to their union, Anesf.

Questioned Wednesday morning on France Inter, the Minister of Higher Education acknowledged these difficulties linked to inflation. “Students are indeed not spared, and that is why we have put half a billion euros for this start of the school year, with a historic increase in scholarships”, recalled Sylvie Retailleau, who must announce “in this beginning of the academic year” the calendar for a future “structural reform of scholarships”.

If the scholarships have earned between 37 and 127 euros (i.e. between +6 and +34% according to the ministry), the overall increase in living expenses has reached 97.81 euros per month in 2023, according to Fage.



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