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The chilling reason Delphi prime suspect Richard Allen may have chosen to work at a CVS is revealed by a forensic expert

A forensic expert has voiced a chilling theory as to why Delphi’s suspected killer may have chosen to work in a CVS close to the crime.

Former medical examiner Joseph Scott Morgan suggested that working in a pharmacy could have given prime suspect Richard Allen intimate access to the community and “unhealthy pleasure” while investigators desperately searched for leads in the haunting case.


Suspected Delphi killer Richard Allen may have stayed in the small Indiana town after the crime for unclear reasons, according to crime expert Joseph Scott MorganCredit: AP
Allen was arrested for the murders of Libby (left) and Abby (right) in 2017


Allen was arrested for the murders of Libby (left) and Abby (right) in 2017Credit: YouTube
Former medical examiner Joseph Scott Morgan suggested that by working at the local CVS, Allen may have had intimate access to the community


Former medical examiner Joseph Scott Morgan suggested that by working at the local CVS, Allen may have had intimate access to the community
Prosecutors claimed Allen, 50, may not have been the only suspect in the haunting case


Prosecutors claimed Allen, 50, may not have been the only suspect in the haunting caseCredit: Twitter/libertyg_sister

“When you think of a pharmacist or a pharmacy, they know more about you than you think,” Morgan told The US Sun exclusively.

“They know what kind of drugs you’re on, they know when someone in your family is sick, and to superimpose it with that suspect — it develops photographs.”

Allen, a 50-year-old father, was arrested last month in an explosive update to the investigation into the 2017 Delphi murders.

Haunting information has surfaced about the sole suspect identified in the murder, including the fact that he has been right next to the crime all these years.

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“I think it’s significant that he stayed in this small town,” Morgan said.

The crime expert said he researched the CVS location where Allen worked and it was widely accessible to the community.

“In these rural areas, a lot of people depend on a big box store like Walmart to meet their pharmacy needs,” he said.

“Closest Walmart is over 14 miles away, but yet right downtown you have CVS.”

As a Certified Pharmacy Technician in such a visible place, one can assume that Allen interacted often with many members of the small community.

In fact, Libby German’s heartbroken grandmother even claimed the alleged murderer printed out photos for her slain granddaughter’s funeral, FOX 59 reported.

While these claims have yet to be proven by authorities, Morgan said it could point to a dark explanation as to why Allen never fled the city.

“When we look at cases like these, you have to think – did he get any kind of joy out of it?” said Morgana.

“Did he keep any items from that scene?”

Investigators said pieces of Libby and Abigail’s clothing were missing when discovered.

Officials suspected the killer had taken a memento away and believed photographs or video were likely taken of the monstrous set-up to “memorize” the crime scene.

Morgan went on to theorize about the creepy motivation behind Allen printing photographs for Libby, as the grandmother claimed.

“If he developed these photographs, did he have duplicates? Did he derive some kind of unhealthy pleasure from them?” He asked.

“These are the questions law enforcement will be asking.”


Other haunting clues have surfaced that provide insight into Allen’s life in Delphi, including a chilling photo of his daughter in what appears to be the exact spot where Abby and Libby were last seen.

Another haunting photo was posted by his wife on Facebook which shows the Indiana man smiling excitedly at what appears to be a police sketch of the murder suspect.

Morgan commented on this image, saying it “almost made me want to vomit.”

“There was no blood, no blood involved in that. It was just that image of him sitting there with that suspicious sketch on his shoulder that just chilled me to the bone,” he said. -he declares.

Allen’s arrest created a huge stir in the Delphi community, and a CVS employee told the US Sun that they were shocked to learn that he was arrested on October 26.

“The people who worked with him had no idea and were just as surprised as everyone else,” the unnamed source said.

“They’re all really hoping there’s some kind of mistake in that it’s not him.

“But at the same time, if it’s him, they’re hoping there’s strong evidence because everyone wants this to end. There’s just a lot of mixed emotions.”


It comes after prosecutors made a shocking announcement that they believe Allen “may not be the only suspect” involved in the murders.

Carroll County District Attorney Nicholas McLeland opposed releasing the documents, saying it would jeopardize the multi-year investigation.

The prosecution apparently believes Allen is not the only suspect implicated in the murders.

“We have good reason to believe that Allen was not alone. That there could be other players,” McLeland said in court.

McLeland also argued that if an unredacted affidavit was released, inquest witnesses could be harassed.

Judge Gull said she would take the motion to release Allen’s charging documents under advisement.

However, for now, the documents will remain sealed and a decision will be made at a later date.

After the hearing, Allen’s lawyer said the revelation of a potential “second suspect” involved in the murders was “news for them”.

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“If you read the probable cause affidavit, it doesn’t mention anything other than anyone else,” attorney Andrew Baldwin said, adding, “That was news to us.”

A bond hearing for Allen has been set for February 17, 2023.


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