the Bourse du Commerce will open on January 23, 2021

Scheduled for mid-June 2020, the opening of the Bourse du Commerce, transformed into a Parisian exhibition venue for the Pinault Collection, is now announced for January 23. The project was made public on April 27, 2016 by Anne Hidalgo and the French businessman and collector. Halfway between the Louvre and the Center Pompidou, it confirms the centralization of the Parisian museum geography.

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The site began in June 2017, according to the project designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Complex site: the wheat market, built by Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières between 1763 and 1766 according to the principle of the circle and the sphere, dear to the Utopians, was topped in 1811-12 with a dome with a revolutionary iron structure. Now a stock exchange and refurbished for this purpose by Henri Blondel in the 1880s, the building was decorated with a monumental porch, floors were built around the central circle and a monumental building complex encircles the Bourse on the rue du Louvre side.

6,800 m2 cut into ten spaces

First of all, it was necessary to clear all the arrangements and obstructions – mezzanines, partitions, machinery in the basement – accumulated over more than a century to find the initial volumes. Under the 35-meter-high glass roof, which is the heart of the building, Ando erected a concrete cylinder 29 meters in diameter and 9.30 meters high, thus cutting a second circle in the initial circle. The side floors have been reconfigured into exhibition spaces of different sizes depending on whether they will receive photography or painting – for example. The total surface open to the announced visit will be 6,800 m2 divided into ten spaces spread over the different levels. Circulations have been established between and around them, and from the Ando cylinder. The allegorical painting ring in homage to the transcontinental trade executed in 1889 under the glass roof has been cleaned and restored.

Under the 35-meter-high canopy, Tadao Ando erected a concrete cylinder 29 meters in diameter and 9.30 meters high

We were there in March 2020. There remained only technical adjustments to be completed inside the Stock Exchange and, outside, the development of the surroundings, which falls under the services of the City of Paris. After three months of suspension, these finishing works have resumed and their state of progress will allow an opening at the end of January, whereas it was first announced during the spring. On what we will see then, no information has been delivered yet.

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