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The body of an Arizona woman was found in a sports bag; man accused of his death

Brett Daniel Puett was arrested on Friday for second degree murder in connection with the death of Debra Childers, Kingman, western Arizona, police said.

Childers, 64, a resident of the Kingman area who mainly lived in her car, had been reported missing, and investigators believe Puett had withdrawn money from her bank account in recent months, police said .

An investigation began this month, after Childers’ out-of-state son reported his disappearance to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office on May 12, saying he had not heard from him. for several months, police said.

The sheriff’s office has learned that a man has withdrawn money from his bank account in recent months, police said in Kingman, a town about 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

Kingman Police began investigating the withdrawals last week and investigators determined the person withdrawing the money was driving Childers’ vehicle, police said.

Kingman detectives searched two storage units belonging to Childers on Friday. In one, they found a body hidden in a large gym bag, police said.

“(The body) appears to have been inside the storage unit for several months,” Kingman police said in a press release on Saturday.

Investigators believe the body is that of Childers, and his family have been notified. But official identification still needs to be made by the Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office, police said.

Police said they believed Childers had been shot and killed.

Puett “admitted involvement in murder”, police say

Detectives identified Puett as the person driving Childers’ car and making the cash withdrawals, police said, without detailing how detectives found out.

After learning that Puett was staying at a house in Kingman, law enforcement officers arrested him on Friday night, police said. Puett had arrived at the house driving Childers’ vehicle, police said.

“Puett admitted his involvement in the murder and the subsequent cash withdrawals, as well as the transport and concealment of his body,” Kingman police said in a press release on Saturday.

Investigators believe Puett and Childers met last summer, when they were both living in their vehicle, police said.

“Childers was shot and killed in November as Puett and Childers shared a room in a motel… in Kingman,” police said, who said the two were suspected of having a platonic relationship.

Police have not released an arrest report. It was not immediately clear if Puett had a lawyer.

Puett was being held in Mohave County Jail on Saturday on bail set at $ 500,000.

The police press release says Puett is 35; his prison reservation information indicates that he is 36 years old.

In addition to the murder charge, he was also being held on charges of abandoning and concealing a corpse, as well as fraudulent schemes and devices, police said.

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