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I keep reading on ‘The New Roaring Twenties’ – that is, the prediction that we will be so thrilled when the Covid crisis is ‘over’ that we will all dance to a life of decadence, glamor and excess . It strikes me like the optimism of a marketer. Can’t wait to go dancing again, but I doubt it’s in heels and tight clothes after 18 months of comfortable lounging in sneakers and elasticated waistlines.

The same, I think, applies to makeup. Our expectations have changed, at least semi-permanently, and smarter brands will focus on quick, easy-to-use beauty products that don’t give up on comfort or joy as we acclimatize to post-life life. Covid. L’Oréal Paris nailed this reflection with one of my favorite launches of the year. And I’m happy to say it’s a good deal. True Match Tinted Serum (£ 13.99) takes 1% Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Skincare Serum and tints it with a transparent pigment to give light, healthy-looking coverage to all skin types, from dry to oily.

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too: a “tint serum” won’t touch the flanks of someone old enough to be bitten twice and in possession of a single grain of sunshine. But, trust me, this isn’t one of those barely noticeable watery bases designed just for Goop readers to wear when going for Pilates. True Match Tinted Serum offers as much coverage as a lightweight foundation, only in an almost undetectable base that has flexibility and freshness that lasts all day without clumping, cracking or screaming for a touch-up. It’s applied right over my face sunscreen and – oily people rejoice – has a semi-matte, non-greasy but decidedly not chalky finish rarely seen in inexpensive foundation. It’s surprisingly comfortable all day long, even on sensitive skin. Take my review as praise.

Nonetheless, my advice when shopping in what remains a largely test-free world is to avoid the temptation to go for a warmer shade just because it’s sheer. The line of tinted serums is dark to me. The brand sent me my usual shade (Light-Medium) but I ended up buying it in Superdrug in Light (I would have paid at least double that too). The very pale ones may have a hard time finding a match, but few others will. Finally, and obviously, it can be inspired by skincare, but it’s still makeup. It continues after your routine, not during.

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