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the “beautiful challenge” of the return to school at La Verrière, where two schools had been burned down during the riots


On this pre-school day, the atmosphere is very special for the staff of schools degraded during the riots at the start of the summer. In mainland France, five schools will not reopen Monday, for the start of the school year, because the damage is too great, including the elementary school of Bois-de-l’Etang in La Verrière, in the Yvelines.

It’s back to school, and we have a roof!“. A big smile, a little relief, a little emotion, stress… Everything is mixed up in this whirlwind of this pre-return day for school staff for Céline Carpentier, director of the elementary school. of Bois-de-l’Etang, at La Verrière, in the Yvelines, burned down, during the urban riots after the death of Nahel, in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), in June 2023.

>> “We won’t stop until the start of the school year is guaranteed”: in La Verrière, a summer of construction after the destruction of two schools during the riots

Everything has been done to make us feel welcome. We experienced other situations like the Covid, and then we adapted… We know how to bounce back. Students adapt as well as their teachers“, she slips into a smile. Before emphasizing: “The trauma is there, but you have to go“, thinking back to this last June 29, day “who will remain“in his memory when school was”totally destroyed“.

“You have to push the walls, we pushed them”

The 160 students and ten teachers of the Bois-de-l’Etang school therefore moved hastily during the summer. It is now two kilometers from the old site. “We are all together. The fear was of being dispatched all over the place to other schools. But often, it is the parents who have a little more anxiety. We will reassure them, we will support them: we will be there! And then there is this shuttle system that is set up to allow them to come here”reassures Céline Carpentier.

In this pre-return, the educational team discovers new premises and comes to double the staff of this large regional school of La Verrière. The head of the establishment Pascal Duhet opened his door without hesitation: “Nice challenge! I’m hopeful because I think it’s a unique model of two different schools that will keep their legal entity. We have to push the walls, we pushed them. Done, welcome!“, he explains.

In the corridors, it’s a coming and going of desks, chairs. “For my part, I lost everything: the teaching manuals, the material, the archives, the work of several yearsslips Christelle Armand, teacher in CM1-CM2 at the Bois-de-l’Étang school. We were lucky to have colleagues who mobilized to provide us with equipment, some teaching manuals. We’re starting from scratch.”

There are still a few hours left at this new school in Bois-de-l’Etang to settle down, reinvent itself, while patiently waiting to return to its premises, when the work will be finished in two or three years.



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