the American press lingers on the divisions of the Republican camp

Lapidary and in capitals, the headlines of the American press summarize the new historic day that American politics experienced, Wednesday, January 13: “Trump indicted again”; “Trump indicted twice”. By 232 votes against 197, the House of Representatives voted the second “impeachment” of the American president for “Incitement to insurgency” after the assault on the Capitol by his supporters on January 6.

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  • A divided Republican party

While ten elected Republicans this time rallied the Democrats, an unprecedented bipartisan movement, the Washington post underlines the tensions that this vote creates within the Republican Party.

Liz Cheney, one of the most important figures in the GOP, who voted for impeachment, and Jim Jordan, a strong supporter of the president, ” emerge as the leaders of pro and anti-Trump factions “.

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The party is divided like never before, also indicates the Wall Street Journal : “Senate and House leaders, party officials and longtime donors have different views on how to punish the president. “

Nevertheless, underlines the New York Times, “The loyalty that so many elected Republicans have shown to a president who lost his re-election and caused so much damage to their own party is astonishing”.

The newspapers are also wondering about the consequences of this procedure. The Constitution provides that the indicted president is tried by the Senate. An improbable move before the end of Mr. Trump’s term in a week.

Sign of the tensions among the Republicans, most of the senators took refuge in silence, avoiding to give their position on the guilt of the president, underlines Politico. Seventeen Republican votes would be needed for a conviction.

In this hypothesis, there would no longer be any question of impeachment, Mr. Trump’s term having already ended. But, explains Vox, the stake of a trial before the Senate remains important because the sanction could take the form of a ban on exercising future functions, while Mr. Trump has let the idea of ​​a new candidacy in 2024.

Finally, others evoke the danger that a Senate trial will disrupt the first weeks of the Biden administration, which the latter would prefer to devote to the implementation of his program. Donald Trump’s trial would constitute ” a start of the presidency marked by polarization Even as Mr. Biden has promised to reunite a divided country, Vox said.

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