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The administration told Congress it could request more than $100 billion for a national security supplement



President Joe Biden said Wednesday he plans to ask Congress for an “unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense” later this week.

Behind the scenes, the Biden administration is telegraphing members of Congress that it could request more than $100 billion in a supplemental national security package that would include increased aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and would include money for the U.S. southern border, two close sources said. CNN.

Three sources also told CNN that the administration has told leaders on Capitol Hill that they could submit a formal request by the end of the week.

The sources warn that the timeline and amount could change as the resident takes a high-stakes trip to Israel and the president gets more information on the ground. It is also unclear how the package will be received in the House of Representatives, given that Republicans are still struggling to find a speaker and there are sharp divisions within the Republican conference over granting increased aid to Ukraine.

Although details have not been finalized, the next supplemental request is expected to cover a full fiscal year, two sources familiar with the matter said.

John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, said Tuesday the request would likely come this week.

“I anticipate being able to make an additional request to Congress this week,” Kirby told reporters on Air Force One, adding that the White House was in “active conversations” with Congress about the contours of a request.

He said the White House was in “active conversations” with Congress about the contours of a request and that support for Ukraine and Israel were part of those active conversations, but declined to confirm a specific number.

“We have funds to help Ukraine for some time to come. We have existing authorities and funds to assist Israel for some time to come. But given that none of these conflicts show any signs of ending soon, we will absolutely need additional funding and support from Congress,” he told reporters on Air Force One.



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