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The 2021 Emmy Awards have found a way to keep us constantly in awe, even if the selection of winners hasn’t always been surprising.

At the annual celebration of all things TV on Sunday, September 19, voters made it clear which shows they liked the most. After all, Ted lasso, The Queen’s Gambit, Easttown mare and The crown were among the big winners, as they all won multiple trophies.

However, there were still many times when viewers found it hard to believe what they just watched. After all, with Cedric the Animator as the host, the evening got fans talking from the start, as he and a host of other stars grabbed the mic to rap new lyrics for the late musician. Biz Markiethe classic hymn of “Just a Friend”.

Other TV personalities who made their presence known throughout the night were Conan O’Brien, Michaela coel, Jason Sudeikis and the cast of last year’s big winner, Schitt Creek.

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