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The 2nd Amendment is a $280-billion mistake. Repeal and replace it

Through a vigil in San Jose on Thursday, a mourner retains a sign with visuals of the 9 Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority shooting victims. (Getty Photos)

To the editor: With the mass murder in San Jose incorporating to the unfortunate background of America’s gun violence epidemic, it is really way overdue to repeal and change the 2nd Modification. Piecemeal gun control regulations handed by states no for a longer time stem this tide of blood.

Switch the amendment with the proper to keep guns for property safety and hunting near all track record look at loopholes ban all assault-design weapons and substantial-ability magazines confine banned weapons to gun golf equipment only create banned-gun buyback plans and improve psychological health outreach initiatives.

Although the San Jose shooter made use of authorized handguns, he possessed an astounding 32 significant-capability publications holding 12 bullets each and every, which are unlawful in California.

According to the team Everytown for Gun Security, Us residents commit $280 billion yearly to treat gun accidents, bury the fallen and investigate shootings. We want to urge our leaders to stop wringing their fingers and repeal and change the 2nd Modification.

Bob Ladendorf, Los Angeles


To the editor: I compose this to every single California millionaire, billionaire, celebrity, actor, musician, athlete, entertainer and company operator who has named for some form of gun manage.

I am a conservative white male from Georgia who owns several guns and a lot of ammunition. I know this will shock some, but this is how life is in Georgia for some men and women. I generate $39,000 a year as a state personnel and are unable to even find the money for to put my young children by way of school.

I am prepared to aspect with my guns and ammunition for $100,000. This is a small amount of money for the loaded and the elite, but this would be everyday living switching for my household.

If you really want to make a distinction with your professed assist for gun command, set your dollars where your mouth is and make some true variations that will make a difference.

Tracy Gaddis, Hull, Ga.


To the editor: If it appears to be like very little modifications from 1 massacre to the up coming, that is simply because nothing at all does.

Congressional Republicans have so far refused to take into account acceptable gun command. In other words and phrases, they offer very little to assuage the heartbreak and outrage that these horrific shootings convey. It seems like they are only fascinated in their base, their reelection and their cash.

Perhaps a single way to get their interest would be to sue them.

If you are a lawmaker and you refuse to think about any variety of gun reform, in my opinion, you are guilty of dereliction of duty. These individuals have been elected to move legal guidelines that enable and defend the American men and women. I do not see that happening.

Somebody has to lastly choose duty for the gun carnage in our nation. Perhaps points would transform if these naysayers had been pressured to rethink their agendas and held morally and economically dependable.

People today may possibly say, “Oh, you won’t be able to do that.” Why not? The end result of their lack of obligation is crystal clear. They just never care. Let’s make them care.

Linda Cooper, Studio City


To the editor: Gov. Gavin Newsom asked, “What the hell is wrong with us?” Acquiring lived on a few unique continents — Europe, Australia and North The us — I can assure him that People are no even worse or greater than any of the individuals living in other places.

Even so, The united states is started on individualism, creating gun possession an inalienable right, though numerous other nations espouse a more collectivist mind-set and the uncomplicated availability of guns is an anathema.

Our individualism is the reason we have so a lot of mass shootings, and until the bloodbaths commence to touch every single American individually, I do not see adjust coming.

Anneke Mendiola, Santa Ana


To the editor: Predictably, after nevertheless a different significant-profile taking pictures in The united states (the 232nd mass taking pictures of 2021, according to the Gun Violence Archive), awareness is concentrated on the shooter’s motive.

Does the shooter’s motive issue? Is there a motive that would make this hottest mass capturing acceptable?

Rather than pondering why he did it, shouldn’t the initial concern be how he did it? How did the shooter purchase the tool of mass murder? How do our lax gun command procedures enable mass shootings to continue unabated? How can we lessen the likelihood of the upcoming mass murder?

We have to need that our legislators do a lot more by standing up to the gun lobby and passing sweeping gun protection reforms supported by the majority of Americans. Lives rely on it.

Loren Lieb, Northridge

The author is chairwoman of Ladies In opposition to Gun Violence.

This tale at first appeared in Los Angeles Instances.

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