Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Live Their Homecoming Dreams

We have Love at the Bal !

Teyana taylor found her prom king in husband Iman Shumpert and we can’t forget how royally perfect their prom was two decades after their high school years. The We have love Teyana & Iman The stars partied like it once was at an early 2000s-themed ball hosted by Teyana herself in this preview of tonight’s first season finale.

As her parents watched, Teyana walked down the grand staircase from the entrance to her unique Atlanta home, shining like the sun in a gorgeous cutout yellow dress with matching long gloves.

“Teyana is fully ready for the years 1999-2000,” Iman said when he saw his wife for the first time. Iman even opted to wear large glasses and a matching gold tuxedo! He adorably gave Teyana a purple flower corsage to complete the prom ensemble.

The couple sped off in a themed limo, later arriving at the lavish prom with their daughter Junie in tow. “I definitely would have been a boughetto with a twist,” Teyana joked, citing the candle-meet-ghetto aesthetic for the party. “Ooh, this is the Boughetto vibe I’ve been waiting for.”

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