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Texas man accused of dragging his mother’s ex and setting truck on fire

A Texas man has been charged with murder just after allegedly dragging his mother’s previous romantic lover and then environment him on hearth.

Robert Eugene Hoffpauir, 37, arrived at his mother’s house Sunday night where a “domestic disturbance” occurred among her and her previous lover, Roman Rodriguez, in accordance to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Workplace. Hoffpauir allegedly conquer Rodriguez “into submission” throughout a battle prior to tying a tow strap close to the former partner’s waist.

He then attached the strap to Rodriguez’s pick-up truck, according to the sheriff’s business.

“According to evidence uncovered it seems that Hoffpauir then dragged Rodriguez from the household for a prolonged length down the highway where the truck and Rodriguez was abandoned and then the truck was established on fire by Hoffpauir,” the sheriff’s workplace claimed.

It is unclear no matter if Rodriguez died prior to he was allegedly dragged by the truck or not. An autopsy is pending.

Texas Rangers are assisting in the investigation owing to conflicting statements about what occurred.

Hoffpauir’s bond was set at a million bucks. It’s unclear if he has retained an legal professional. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Business did not immediately respond to a telephone call from NBC News on Wednesday.

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