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Texas awarded 6,751 electric vehicle rebate credits worth $16 million |  Texas

(The Center Square) – The Texas Electric Vehicle Rebate Program awarded 6,751 rebates worth $16.3 million from 2014 through August 2022.

The Texas Emissions Reduction Program offers a $2,500 rebate for the purchase or lease of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, in addition to a $7,500 federal grant.

Victoria Cann, communications specialist with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, told The Center Square in an email that the rebates apply to certain new light-duty vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, gas of liquefied petroleum, a hydrogen fuel cell or a plug-in. or plug-in hybrid to encourage greater use of these vehicles and fuels.

In fiscal year 2019, less than 30,000 electric vehicles were registered statewide. Since 2023, Texas has 222 150 registered zero-emission vehicles.

The Commission on Environmental Quality may grant 1,000 rebates for eligible natural gas vehicles and 2,000 rebates for eligible hydrogen fuel cell or other electric vehicles, to the extent limited by law, each fiscal year financial.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas estimates 1 million electric vehicles will be on Texas roads by 2028. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles estimates Texas will reach 1 million by 2031.

The Incentive Program for the purchase or rental of light motor vehicles project is financed by $8.1 million in the 2022-23 fiscal year, or 5 percent of the Environmental Quality Commission’s budget, the statutory limit. Cann said the emissions reduction program, commonly known as TERP, is expected to begin accepting applications in October, subject to change.

The 2023 model year of electric vehicles, with 63,645 registered, represents 28% of all electric vehicle registrations statewide, according to the state. data.

Texas government tracks Vehicle discounts granted from 2014 to August 31, 2022. A list of eligible vehicles is here.

The state has nearly 30 million residents, with approximately 21 million vehicles running on gasoline; 771,000 are powered by diesel; 420,800 vehicles use biodiesel; and 2.3 million use E85.

Most electric vehicle registrations are concentrated in cities, with the Dallas-Fort Worth region accounting for 37.1%, Houston 24.2% and Austin 19.7%. As a reminder, electric vehicles represent 2.1% of all vehicles registered in Austin.

The state does not collect demographic data of rebate recipients.

The Commission on Environmental Quality implemented the Texas Clean Fleet Program in 2009 and the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program in 2012, which funded $123 million to replace or retrofit 1,875 existing vehicles with new vehicles or engines powered by natural gas or an alternative fuel.

Under the rebate program, approximately 9,300 vehicles receiving rebates were from brands such as Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford and Hyundai. The figures include:

• 1,507 Chevrolets.

• 1,500 Nissan Leafs.

• 550 Fords.

• 372 Hyundais.

• 309 Toyotas.

• 154 Volvos.

The program subsidized 1,191 luxury vehicles, including:

• 686 BMWs.

• 329 Audis.

• 90 Porsches, including 60 Taycans.

• 33 Mercedes-Benzes.

• 53 Jaguar I-Pace.

Nationally, Texas is second in the race to register electric vehicles with 222,150 vehicles, behind California, which has more than 1,000. 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles starting in 2022, according to the California Energy Commission.