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Tesla Installs Universal EV Chargers at More Than 2,000 Hilton Locations


Hilton says it’s the largest network of electric vehicles planned by a hotel company. On paper, there are enough chargers to fit 10 per location, but the breakdown may vary, as Hilton says “at least six” will be fitted in any location. According to the company, the availability of electric vehicle charging will play a major role in 2023 in converting searches to stays on

Tesla’s recently launched Universal Wall Connector charger (which Hilton is ordering) can specifically share power with up to six matching chargers connected to the same utility line. Level 2 AC chargers are designed to provide up to 44 miles of range in Teslas per hour at a charge rate of 11.5 kW (48 amps).

Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector has a dockable adapter to switch from Tesla’s NACS connector to J1772.
Picture: Tesla

Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector features a magic dock-like adapter that works with Teslas and all other EVs. Tesla sells these chargers on its online store for $595 each, and appears to have written off its J1772 charger, launched last October, which cannot plug into a Tesla without an external adapter (Tesla includes this adapter with its cars) . If Hilton were to retail for (probably not) 20,000 Chargers, it would be spending at least $11.9 million on hardware alone.

Hilton’s choice to have an integrated solution for switching between J1772 and NACS is reasonable since not all EVs are Teslas, and most EVs will be equipped with J1772 sockets in the coming years.