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    Rennes Open, from Monday to Sunday

  • 1. Without real competition
  • After having fought for a long time in October and then in January in 2019 and 2020, the Rennes Open made, in 2021, the choice of September, out of the US Open. Which makes him one of the best-off “Challengers” on the calendar, with a “prize money” set at € 66,640 + accommodation for the players.

    Before the ATP 250 in Metz, next week, the other dates were far away for most of the “Frenchies”, even if the latter are used to flying from one tournament to another. If the Szczecin Challenger (Poland) is the best endowed this week (132,280 €), the others are competing far from France: on the American continent like Cary (USA), Quito (Ecuador) or Istanbul. This inevitably contributed to the constitution of the 2021 plateau.

  • 2. Davis Connection Cup
  • The appointment of Nicolas Mahut as sporting director, at the request of Mathieu Blesteau, the tournament director, in place of Marc Gicquel, who became ambassador, allowed the winners of the Davis Cup 2017 to come. Although replacing in the final against Belgium, Mahut has indeed won the Saladier d’Argent with Gasquet, Pouille and Simon (absent in the semi and final)! This “French Connection” or rather “Davis Connection Cup” is obviously not foreign to this reunion at Liberty …

  • 3. Murray… on wild-card
  • Andy Murray has a track record to make all yellow ball fans envy: two “Wimbledons” in 2013 and 2016, a US Open in 2012, but also a 2012 Olympic title and five more finals at the Australian Open (2010 , 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016) and one at Roland-Garros (2016)!

    After being taken out in the 1st round of the US Open in five sets by Stefanos Tsitsipas (3rd in the world), the Scottish agent requested a wild card from the Rennes management. Exchanges with Mahut ended up convincing Murray to line up with a Challenger and offer a little more magic to the public.

    This Monday

    Qualifications (final). From 10 am: C. Chidekh (FRA / 702) – D. Added (FRA / 202); C. Hemery (FRA / 411) – K. De Schepper (FRA / 666); A. Bega (ITA / 384) – T. Droguet (FRA / 534); not before 1 p.m .: M. Guinard (FRA / 163) – M. Rosenkranz (ALL / 554).

    First round. Not before 2 p.m .: G. Soeda (JAP / 186 – T. Lamasine (FRA / 260); From 6.45 p.m .: Y. Maden (ALL / 245) – A. Murray (GBR / 112 / WC); R Gasquet (FRA / 79) – K. Jacquet (FRA / 320 / WC).

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