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Taliban government says women can study at gender-separated universities

Afghan women can continue their university education, but only if they are separated from men and wear compulsory full Islamic dresses, the new Taliban government said on Sunday.

Acting Higher Education Minister Abdul Bqi Haqqani said there were several ways to go their separate ways.

“Universities must have the capacity to have separate buildings. The first solution is that there must be separate places where boys can be separated from girls,” he told reporters at a conference. Press.

“Or the second solution, there should be separate schedules, specified schedules for boys and specified schedules for girls. Or the third solution is that if there are fewer female students in such a situation, there should be have a partition in the classroom, “he continued. .

Haqqani did not specify whether women should cover their faces while in class. But he said some courses should be revised as well, without going into details of what would change in the curriculum in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have already banned women from playing sports and said music should not be encouraged.

The international community has watched very closely to what extent the Taliban have actually changed, especially with regard to their attitude towards women.

Haqqani says the group doesn’t want to go back 20 years. “We will start to build on what is there today,” he said.

Women at Kabul University on Sunday pledged their commitment to the Taliban’s policies on gender separation in the classroom by being covered from head to toe, wearing a full veil and waving the government’s new white flags.

The new rules signal a change from accepted practice prior to the Taliban takeover. Universities were mixed, with men and women studying side by side, and female students did not have to adhere to a dress code.


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