‘Talented Indian players need to develop their game intelligence’ – Robbie Fowler wants to help young Indian players

The great Liverpool shared valuable advice for Indian players to develop …

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has been embroiled in controversy after just two matches Indian Super League (ISL) when he inadvertently noticed that it appeared that some of the Indian players in his East Bengal the team seemed never to have had any coaching. The England coach, however, later clarified that his comments were taken out of context.

What Fowler wanted to convey was that many Indian players, whether in East Bengal or at other clubs, are not always very technically sound and this is mainly due to the training they have received or not. have not received at a younger age.

East Bengal coach, in conversation with Goal, spoke again about his observation of Indian football and Indian players and what he believes needs to be done to improve the overall level of play in the country.

“With the Indian players and with the players that we have and the kind of understanding they have, it can sometimes be better. It’s not me that disrespects, it’s me who is realistic. is not easy to change people’s perceptions, which they have been brought up to do.

“Football in India must change at the base level. He must educate and develop the younger generation so that when they become professional players and play in the I-League or ISL, they understand the game a lot more and a lot better, ”he says.

While Fowler pointed out that there is no shortage of talent in India, the problem lies in their composure and their decisions. And that’s something that depends on the football education they get (or don’t get) from an early age.

“There are good talented players here, but the intelligence of the game is something that needs to grow and improve for the benefit of the game here. We want the Indian national team to be successful. We want to help the younger generation to succeed. better understand the game, know when to pass and how to pass.

“Sometimes when people are in a better position pass the ball and make sure you pass it correctly.

Thai Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler, the seventh leading scorer in Premier League history, has offered some valuable suggestions for budding Indian footballers.

“It’s not just for a striker, it’s anywhere on the pitch. What we have to remember is that the players are anxious. When the players haven’t scored for a while , they get anxious and feel the need to score every chance they get or need to make an amazing pass every time they have the ball.Soccer is a simple thing and the simpler you do, the better you will become. We are trying to do the same with our players. “


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