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Suspicious white powder sent to the office of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern

A suspicious package containing white powder was sent to the office of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

Special fire service units arrived at Wellington’s parliamentary precinct on Monday morning after the substance, sent to Ms Arden, was discovered a floor below her office.

The item was first identified in the mail room on level eight of the Hive, which is the executive wing of the government building. Ms. Arden worked in her office on the ninth floor before chairing a noon cabinet meeting on the tenth floor.

Three separate units, including a hazardous materials truck, were positioned behind the parliamentary building to investigate the suspicious object.

The security alert comes less than two weeks since New Zealand police shot dead a suspected terrorist, who stabbed at least six people in an Auckland supermarket.

It also comes days after the evacuation of Christchurch airport following the identification of a suspicious package, suspected of being a bomb, at a domestic terminal last Thursday.

The airport, including passengers and staff, was cleared and the New Zealand Defense Force demining team called in to investigate as a precaution, along with sniffer dogs.

Flights were also suspended in the area before the package was confirmed as non-suspect by police.

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