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Super PAC backer Tim Scott cancels fall TV ads as campaign struggles to gain traction



The super PAC supporting Tim Scott’s presidential campaign is canceling its slate of upcoming television ads, according to a memo sent to donors obtained by CNN, as the South Carolina senator’s candidacy struggles to gain traction in the Republican primary of 2024.

Confidence in Mission The PAC is terminating the remainder of its $40 million reservation for television and digital advertising first made in July, citing a “blocked” primary area dominated by former President Donald Trump, a PAC co-chair Rob Collins wrote in the memo. , which was first reported by Politico.

“The fall Republican primary is locked in,” Collins said. “Donald Trump is well ahead of a statistically related group of contenders. The vote share of non-Trump candidates fluctuates up and down, but no campaign has reached breakthrough speed. The fundamentals of this race remain unchanged: President Donald Trump occupies a separate lane.”

Collins added: “So we’re doing what would be obvious in the business world but will mystify politicians: We’re not going to waste our money when the electorate isn’t focused or ready for an alternative to Trump. We did some research. We studied focus groups. We followed Tim down the trail. This electorate is locked in and money spent on the media will not change their minds until we are much closer to the vote.”

The super PAC will continue to spend money to organize, fundraise and host events — including with Scott as a “special guest” at events hosted by the group, Collins said in the memo, replicating a tactic used by the super PAC supporting the Florida government. Ron DeSantis’ campaign.

Collins said the change in strategy will help support Scott as he seeks to increase his appeal in early state nominating contests, with Iowa a particular priority.

“We believe that moving from a media-centric approach to a ground-centric approach is the best use of our money. This allows us to leverage our greatest asset, Tim Scott himself,” Collins wrote in the memo. “Providing Tim Scott the chance to interact with as many voters as possible as a guest at TIM PAC events across the Hawkeye State will help his campaign build his reputation with caucus attendees.”

The PAC’s cancellation of media bookings comes as Scott’s campaign struggles to establish itself as a viable alternative to Trump. A Fox News poll released last week found Scott with 1 percent support nationally among GOP primary voters. Scott has not yet qualified for the third Republican presidential debate in November.

Scott’s campaign is also burning through a once-formidable cash reserve, according to new campaign finance documents. The campaign raised nearly $4.6 million during the third quarter but spent $12.4 million, reducing a stockpile he had transferred from his Senate campaign when he launched his presidential bid earlier this year.



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