Summer jobs: 10,000 offers posted on Monday – Jobs

Thirty business leaders will publish, Monday, May 31, 10,000 job offers for this summer on the government platform “1 young, 1 solution”, they announce in a forum published in the JDD.

Among these bosses, we find Michel-Édouard Leclerc (Leclerc), Fabrice Lisardi (Decathlon), Méleyne Rabot (Just Eat France), Dominique Schelcher (Système U), Enrique Martinez (Fnac Darty), Emmanuel Deschamps (Boulanger)… “La today’s youth should not be a sacrificed generation. On the contrary, at the time of recovery, it carries with it all the energy of a collective renewal ”, they write.

The High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement, Thibaut Guilluy, specifies: “At least 10,000 offers will be available from Monday, with the objective of tripling or quadruple the bid before the end of June. The 35 signatories call on other business leaders to join them by also posting their job offers on the government platform.

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