“Sule, it’s like playing against a wall! – Holstein Kiel’s Jae-Sung Lee ecstatic after beating Bayern Munich

The second tier took a surprise victory over the Bundesliga champions, but the striker was impressed with the strength of some of their players.

Holstein Kiel forward Jae-Sung Lee has said he felt like he was playing against a wall when he faced Niklas Sule in his side’s victory over DFB Pokal. Bayern Munich.

Both. Bundesliga The team drew 2-2 with the German champions under normal circumstances before winning the second round 8-7 on penalties on Wednesday.

Lee, 28, lined up in the center of the home side’s attack but struggled against Bayern defenders Sule and Lucas Hernandez.

the South Korea The international was impressed with the strength of some members of the Bayern squad, highlighting Sule as a particularly difficult opponent.

“You can’t even describe how good they are. They are really great players,” he said. Goal.

“It’s a great opportunity to play against players like them. This match made me think more and more about what to catch up and what to miss.

“I was like, am I playing against a wall ?! Sule is physically very, very good. In the league it wasn’t that hard to compete with opposing defenders, but with Niklas it was definitely something else.”

It took a goal from Hauke ​​Wahl in the second-half stoppage time to secure the draw that kept Holstein Kiel’s hopes alive.

After the shock victory, Lee had a sleepless night and his mind returned to South Korea’s victory over Germany in the 2018 World Cup.

“I couldn’t sleep for a second. I don’t know what happened! I want to dream right now and I just remember the game against Germany, where we won”, he added.

“It’s a similar feeling. But I think this Pokal match touches me more because the match was yesterday.”

“When the score was 2-1, I was like, ‘Okay, we’ve done a good job, though.’ At the same time, Hauke ​​ran from back to front very quickly and equalized. the score! I couldn’t even imagine it like this situation. It’s not over until it’s over. “

He added: “I already knew we are doing a great job [when the DFB Pokal second round draw was made]. We have a good passing game and also had a good season.

“So I wondered what it would be like when we meet a team like Bayern, which won the treble last season. I wondered if we could play our game as usual.

“Of course it was a very difficult game, but I’m very proud of my team because we showed our own game at Bayern, we didn’t give up so easily. I’m very proud of it.”


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