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Suicide of a teenager in Poissy: two open investigations


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Suicide of a teenager in Poissy: two open investigations

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Tuesday September 5, a teenager committed suicide in his apartment in Poissy (Yvelines). He had just changed school after being harassed last year.

For a few minutes, Thursday, September 7, the versatile high school Adrienne Bolland (Poissy, Yvelines) has just opened its doors and the atmosphere is quite heavy. Some faces are closed. The few students with whom we were able to speak told us that they were shocked and moved, even if they did not know this teenager who committed suicide in Poissy on Tuesday, September 5. The priority this morning for National Education vs’is to manage this shock since the announcement of the suicide of this former student who was educated here until last summer.

A handrail filed with the police

What we do know is that as early as December 2022, this student had complained of school harassment, bullying and insults from students whose names he had given. There were appointments, summonses within the establishment, and then, last March, the family of the victim had denounced in writing to the National Education the absence of sufficient measures. The family then filed a handrail with the police. Within the school, according to the Minister of National Education, this case of harassment had been the subject of regular monitoring. And yetyou, it was indeed the harassed pupil who had left the establishment. Two investigations have been opened, one administrative and the other judicial, explains France Télévisions journalist Florence Style, live from Poissy (Yvelines).