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Strictly Come Dancing: week four – live | Strictly Come Dance


Key events

Tonight’s strict broadcast time is two o’clock on the schnozz, a good quarter of an hour less than last week. Lively.

Start stretching those hamstrings. Just five minutes before the twinkling horn sounded…

Last shots Alan Carr’s Numberwang on BBC1 now.

This not only reminds me Roy Walker’s slogan (it’s good but it’s not good) but also a children’s classic from the 80s Block a block. Chocka-guy, I’m checking in.

We don’t have to wait long now…

Last week’s show in summary

Just a reminder: Movie Week saw Layton Williams strictly write the story by dancing in a dress and heels. Popular Professional Amy Downen came as a surprise and a very welcome return.

The first Couple’s Choice of the series got the top 10 for Eddie Kadi but Angela ScanlonCharleston, topping the scoreboard, was hailed as the best number of the series. In the meantime, Nikita Kanda And Gorka Marquez I discovered that some movies don’t have a happy ending.

Now we are fully aware. Ten minutes before the glittering curtain rises….

Tonight’s 13 dances include two salsas and two Viennese waltzes. Krishnan Guru-Murthy performs a paso doble, which looks promising, but the two mature women tackle a tricky routine: a rumba for Angela Rippon and a jive for Annabel Croft.

Fifteen minutes before glitter time…

Clean eyes for the fourth week of bingo

Check them when you see them on the screen! Grab a drink for everyone! Go to bed fully clothed and wake up full of shame!

Here is your 10-point observer’s guide for tonight:

  • Birthday cakes are handed out for Angela Rippon and Jody Cundy

  • Sheepish reference to overexcited Shirley pulling out her 10 paddle last week

  • Claudia says to a breathless couple: “Good luck, the scores are in…”

  • A famous parent in the front row looks up at the screen, then waves embarrassedly

  • Bobby Brazier or Ellie Leach are called “cute”/”ballroom babies”

  • Someone’s hands are called “spatulistic”

  • Anton Du Beke makes a series of noises in place of criticism

  • Craig or Shirley get angry with the studio audience

  • Judge says “It’s the fourth week now, so we’re looking for technical details”

  • Pandemonium at the Clauditorium as voting lines open

Keir Starmer on the Strictly liveblog?

An email missive this week from a regular commenter Jennifer Henley, aka SweetiePudding.

She spotted this Guardian headline at the Labor Party conference: “A victory lap for Starmer, now officially a member of the glitter” and said: “Does he mean us, the real glitter?” We, the Sparklies, are honored and delighted.

Welcome, future Prime Minister.

A third elimination looms

Could it be time for the knockout stages for the Paralympic hero Jody Cundy? He is the lowest scorer in the competition, still over 21 points and the bookmakers’ favorite for the exit.

However, Zara McDermott appeared during last week’s dance-off and is also highly anticipated, while Adam Thomas is the second lowest score overall. Barring a dance disaster elsewhere, are these three the ones fighting for survival? 25 minutes before we have our first choreographic cues…

A fabulous fourth week awaits you

We survived Friday the 13th. Our reward? A sparkling Saturday the 14th. Good evening and welcome to the fourth weekend of Strictly Come Dance 2023. I’m Michael, your virtual dance partner for tonight’s happily themeless show. You are cordially invited to watch the live revival of Strictly with me.

After last week’s second elimination – when Nikita Kanda follow up The Dennises on the glittering bus home – tonight our 13 Surviving Pro-Celebrity Couples meet again on the dance floor at Elstree Studios.

Some awesome music choices this week, including Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Wurst Conchita – and the first time hot red peppers have already been performed on Strictly.

Tomorrow, the unlucky 13 will become a dancefloor dozen. Tonight’s scores will be combined with viewer votes and the final two couples will face off on Sunday night. But who will become the third duo to bite the ballroom dust?

It is session at 6:30 p.m. on BBC One. I will be liveblogging from 6 p.m., providing buildup, rolling coverage, analysis, reaction, and mild snark. So clear your calendars, plump up your cushions and I’ll see you on the couch.

As always, I would like to hear from you Also. You can Tweet me @michaelhogan, Send me an email michael.hogan.freelance@guardian.co.uk and the comments section below is open to discussion about glitter. I will dip my glittery toe in it from time to time to test the temperature and report on your kind words.

It’s time for a final top-up of fake tan. It’s almost time to start dancing!



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