Streaker at Nationals game finds perfect place to hide during late rain

Most of the time when you see streakers on the pitch during games, they get caught pretty quickly.

But in the Nationals game on Wednesday night, it took a long time to reach a streaker who went onto the field during a rain delay.

Just when it looked like the streaker was going to be caught, he made a clever move that extended his escapades on the court.

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When the streaker, which started in the outfield, reached the infield tarp, the safety was closing in. It was then that he used the tarp as a slip and made his way to the tarp winding tube. He hid inside, as you can see via 7News DC.

What an ingenious gesture. Although he eventually had to come out of the tube, the streaker managed to delay his capture by a minute with this move.

Fans of the national championships will certainly remember this moment as the culmination of the endless delay in the rain on Wednesday. At 11:35 p.m. ET, the game was suspended until Thursday afternoon as the Nationals led 3-0.

While those in attendance couldn’t see the end of the match, they witnessed one of the best performances of a streaker in quite some time.

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