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stormy arrest of the opponent Nika Melia – RT in French

Georgian opponent Nika Melia was arrested on February 23 by the police at the premises of his party, the United National Movement. The man is accused of having violated the clauses of his parole.

Georgian police carried out a vigorous arrest on February 23 against the leader of the opposition United National Movement (MNU) party, Nika Melia.

On February 17, the court ruled that he had violated the conditions of his release on bail and had demanded his detention. The party leader, founded by exiled ex-president Mikheïl Saakachvili, is accused by the courts of having organized “mass violence” in 2019. He faces nine years in prison.

As evidenced by several images relayed on social networks, the police entered the party headquarters in order to carry out the arrest. Faced with resistance from supporters of Nika Melia, they used tear gas.

A total of 21 people were arrested in clashes with the police, according to Georgian TV channel First Channel, citing the Home Office. The prison service for its part confirmed to the television channel that the opponent had been placed in detention. In protest, opposition supporters demonstrated in front of the government building.