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According to a media outlet and the Slovak drug regulator, the doses of Sputnik V that Slovakia has received and the vaccines that have been studied by the journal The Lancet are different. The manufacturers of the Russian vaccine denounce a fake news.

Russian vaccine makers Sputnik V denied claims by Slovak daily Dennik concerning the composition of the doses received by Slovakia.

“The announcements that the Sputnik V vaccine [livré] in Slovakia is different from Sputnik V [testé lors des] clinical trials, referring to anonymous sources, are false information “, tweeted on April 7 the official account of Sputnik V, adding:” Unfortunately, we also expect news fake news and provocations from the enemies of Sputnik V in Slovakia who are trying to undermine the vaccine. ”

April 6, Dennik reported that the batch of Russian vaccine Sputnik V delivered to Slovakia differed from the doses reviewed by the medical journal The Lancet, which concluded that it was 91.6% effective against symptomatic forms of Covid-19. On April 8, the Slovak medicines agency, SUKL, made the same accusations: “The batches of the vaccine [Spoutnik V] used in preclinical tests and clinical studies published in the journal Lancet do not have the same characteristics and properties as those imported into Slovakia, ”declared the National Institute for Drug Control, in a statement sent to AFP. “Only its name attaches it to the Sputnik V vaccines used in around 40 countries around the world,” SUKL also affirms.

Slovakia imported the first 200,000 doses of the Russian vaccine in March but has not started using them; SULK accuses the manufacturers of the vaccine of failing to respond to its repeated request to provide data on the composition of these doses.

Also on April 8, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), responsible for marketing Sputnik V abroad, asked the Slovak government to send vaccine doses to the certified laboratory of the European Union for testing under the General European Network of OMCLs (Official Medicines Control Laboratories). RDIF has also ordered Slovakia to return its doses due to vaccine breaches, so that they can benefit other countries.

Within the European Union, Hungary and Slovakia have already purchased doses of Sputnik V, but Hungary is the only country in the area to have already started administering it. In addition, Austria has announced discussions with Russia to soon receive one million doses of Sputnik V. Germany intends to do the same, if the anti-Covid vaccine is approved by European authorities.

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