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Spotify is also testing NFTs

After notably Twitter and more recently Instagram before Facebook, it’s Spotify’s turn to experiment with NFTs. The music streaming platform is conducting a very restricted test that involves a small group of artists and users with the Android app in the United States.

American DJ and producer Steve Aoki and English indie rock band The Wombats have the opportunity to promote their own NFT gallery via their artist page on Spotify.

According to The Verge (capture below), an option to learn more redirects to the NFT’s page on the OpenSea Marketplace with the option to buy it. According to Music Ally, Spotify does not earn any commission on NFT sales through the app.

Spotify remains cautious about NFTs

Spotify has confirmed a test in line with those carried out with the aim of improving the experience for artists and fans. It could lead to larger functionality, or just be dropped as is.

The music streaming giant has also sent a survey to some of its users to collect their feelings and opinions on the NFTs for which a certain enthusiasm last year seems to have died down.

Remember that a non-fungible (or non-exchangeable) NFT token acts as a digital certificate to certify the authenticity of a virtual object. It is based on decentralized digital ledger blockchain technology. It is not the virtual object in itself.

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