Sports : Tiger Woods opens up about injury in first interview since car crash

The golfing legend was seriously injured after the Genesis SUV he was driving pulled off the road about 26 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles at around 7 a.m. on February 23. Woods suffered serious leg injuries as a result of the accident and is currently in rehab.

“I understand the rehab process better because of my past injuries, but it was more painful than anything I’ve ever experienced,” he told Golf Digest.

Woods made no comment when asked if he hopes to play golf again.

“My physiotherapy kept me busy. I’m doing my routines every day and I’m focusing on my # 1 goal right now: walking alone. Take one step at a time,” he told Golf Digest.

The 45-year-old golfer was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after the high-speed rollover accident. Woods suffered comminuted open fractures that affected his right tibia and fibula, which are the two long bones located directly below the knee.
After the crash, investigators said there was no reason to believe Woods was driving the vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, but instead crashed while driving at an “unsafe speed. for road conditions, “according to a police report. The 22-page California Highway Patrol crash scene investigation report further stated that Woods “was acting in a manner consistent with someone in shock as a result of being in a collision. major road ”, after the incident.

Woods’ right leg “suffered traumatic injuries” and what is “not yet clear is whether further procedures will be required, or whether Woods can expect to regain full mobility and strength in his body. leg, ”according to Golf Digest.

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