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Samoa Joe has returned to WWE just two months after being released from the company.

The Samoan Submission Machine has returned home to NXT and he will serve as an enforcer to general manager William Regal.


Samoa Joe was one of WWE’s most popular performers with hardcore fans

Joe was offered the job of GM by Regal, but he declined the offer saying he wanted to ensure superstars respect the Brit as he did.

Joe, 42, began his WWE career in NXT back in 2015 and he was a two-time NXT champion.

He also won the Dusty Rhodes Classic alongside Finn Balor and he won the United States title twice on the main roster. He came up short on a number of occasions challenging for a world title.

Acting as an enforcer, Joe has a similar role to the one Stone Cold Steve Austin held on RAW back in 2003/04. A rule that has been stipulated to both men is they can’t be active competitors and they can’t touch anyone – unless provoked.

William Regal and Samoa Joe sealed the deal

William Regal and Samoa Joe sealed the deal

There’s still a degree of mystery around why WWE released Joe in the first place. He suffered a severe concussion in February 2020 and was kept out of action as a result.

He was moved to the commentary table and excelled in that role. Joe had even said that Vince McMahon loved him there, too.

After WrestleMania, he was replaced. Many had assumed this meant that Joe was returning to the ring imminently, but that turned out not to be the case.

Samoa Joe didn’t take long to show he can still lay a beatdown

Samoa Joe didn’t take long to show he can still lay a beatdown

On April 15, he was released from WWE and fans could not believe it. The common rumour is that Joe wanted to wrestle again and he couldn’t get cleared to do so in WWE.

If he was just retained as a commentator, he would have still held his performer salary and that surely would have been motivation for WWE to cut him loose.

PW Insider said that Triple H “snatched him up” as soon as he was let go from the company and now he has found a role on the Yellow and Black brand as an enforcer.

Who is Samoa Joe's next NXT Title challenger?

Samoa Joe was a great NXT champion

He made his presence felt on a couple of occasions last night, most notably choking out Adam Cole during a backstage scuffle with Kyle O’Reilly.

Will Samoa Joe return to the ring? It’s possible, but not the direction the company are going in at the moment. What seems clear is that he is tied to an NXT contract and not a main roster WWE deal.

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