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Spain will create a file of people refusing vaccination against Covid-19 – RT in French

The Spanish Minister of Health has indicated that a file listing people who have refused vaccination against Covid-19 would be created in the country. File that will also be “shared with other European countries”, according to Salvador Illa.

The Spanish authorities will keep a register of people refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which will be shared with other European countries but will not be made public, the Spanish Minister of Health said on December 28, 2020.

In an interview with the television channel La Sexta, Salvador Illa again stressed that the vaccination against the coronavirus, which began on December 27 in Spain as in many other EU countries, would not be mandatory.

A file “shared with other European countries”

Regarding the people who will not want to be vaccinated, “what we are going to do is a register which, moreover, will be shared with other European countries”, he continued, specifying that he was referring “to the people to whom he has been proposed [de se faire vacciner] and who, quite simply, will have refused it ”.

“This is not a document that will be made public,” he said, however, adding that this file would be prepared “with the greatest respect for data protection.”

According to the latest study published on December 21 by the Center for Sociological Investigation (CIS), a government-run polling institute, the proportion of Spaniards who did not want to be vaccinated fell dramatically, from 47% in November to 28% in December.

During the same period, the percentage of Spaniards who said they were ready to receive the vaccine increased from 36.8% to 40.5%.

Like many European countries, Spain began the coronavirus vaccination campaign on December 27 with the vaccine developed by the Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories.

The government led by socialist Pedro Sánchez aims for 2.5 million people – those belonging to priority groups or the most vulnerable – to be vaccinated by the end of February and for the total to reach 15 to 20 million by the end of February. ‘summer.

With nearly 50,000 deaths and more than 1.8 million cases, according to official figures, Spain is one of the European countries that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.