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Sophia Bush wears dress from Grant Hughes wedding to Beyoncé concert

Sophia and Grant first sparked romance rumors in May 2020, despite meeting over 10 years ago on a New Year’s trip to Nicaragua.

“We quickly became friends,” Sophia recalls. vogue in 2022, “but we only saw each other a few times a year because we were both traveling all the time for work”.

Fast forward to the pandemic, and the former couple grew closer before announcing their engagement in 2021.

“So it turns out being your favorite person’s favorite person is the best feeling on planet earth,” Sophia wrote on Instagram at the time, adding, “#YES.”

A year later, Sophia and Grant tied the knot in her home state of Oklahoma, and the actress filed for divorce just over a month after their first wedding anniversary.

But Sophia found a reason to upgrade her ensemble for Queen Bey nonetheless. And to see more celebs who made it to Bey’s tour, keep scrolling…