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SNL ‘Weekend Update’ comedian Norm MacDonald dies of cancer at 61

Norm MacDonald, the Quebec-born comedian best known for hosting Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment in the 1990s, has died after a nine-year battle with cancer that he wished he had kept private.

“He was the most proud of his comedy”, Hoekstra told Deadline. “He never wanted the diagnosis to affect how the public or anyone close to him saw him. Norm was pure comic. He once wrote that “a joke should surprise someone, it should never flatter”. He certainly never flattered. Norm will be sadly missed.

Born in 1959, MacDonald is best remembered for a period of five years as a cast member of Saturday Night Live (1993-1998), hosting the “Weekend Update” segment. He later said he was fired from SNL after calling OJ Simpson a murderer – which displeases one of the NBC bosses who was a personal friend of the retired footballer, acquitted of his wife’s death and her lover in a controversial 1995 trial.

MacDonald continued to work during his illness, playing dubbing roles for shows like “Family Guy” and “The Orville,” as well as hosting “Norm Macdonald Live” on Jash and “Norm MacDonald has a show” on Netflix.

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