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SNCF announced on Tuesday evening that it was ending the current project to transform Gare du Nord, carried by a joint company between Ceetrus, a real estate subsidiary of the Auchan group, and SNCF Gares and Connexions.

SNCF now promises “a rapid adaptation of the Gare du Nord” in view of the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the 2024 Olympic Games, and “the design of a new transformation project (…) developed in close consultation with the public actors concerned ”.

An invoice tripled in less than a year

A little earlier, a source familiar with the matter affirmed that “the budgetary and planning drifts are not acceptable”, whereas the group had chosen Ceetrus, in July 2018, in order to triple the surface of the Parisian station in anticipation of the host of the next Summer Olympics.

In a press release published at midday, SNCF Gares et Connexions announced the colors: “The transformation project of the Gare du Nord no longer seems to meet the conditions for completion provided for in the concession contract. Accounts have been requested (…) on this worrying development and a decision will be taken very soon on the future of this concession. “

The group underlined having been warned, in July, of a slippage in the estimated cost of the works bringing the invoice to more than 1.5 billion euros, against 500 million still envisaged at the end of 2020, and of a “considerable delay”. preventing it from being completed by the 2024 Olympics.

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