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SnapNurse: Changing Nurse Staffing for the Better

Nursing has always been considered a noble and worthwhile profession. But the pandemic has shown how vital nurses can be to the health of a nation, if not the world.

Yet many health care entities, especially those that are smaller or in underserved communities, face a severe shortage of nurses.

From RNs to LPNs, nurses are in demand across the country. As a January 2022 New York Times article explains, a small hospital in Mississippi recently faced the problem of filling 80 nursing positions. And he is far from alone in this regard.

So what’s the best way out of the nursing shortage?

A long-term solution is to encourage more adults to enter the profession. However, hospital systems and patients cannot wait years for more nurses to become certified. They need help now…and SnapNurse is ready to answer the call.

How nurses get “swept up”

Since its inception in 2017 as an innovative nursing recruitment agency, SnapInfirmière has grown exponentially.

Designed to quickly connect nurses to temporary employment opportunities, SnapNurse has won accolades from the nurses and facilities it serves. Most recently, SnapNurse led the prestigious Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter list for healthcare.

The premise of SnapNurse is a fast, technology-driven channel to bring the attention of nurses and other high-quality healthcare professionals to facilities seeking qualified and trained workers.

Already, the site has more than a quarter of a million nurses ready to take the opportunity to work anywhere in the United States. Many SnapNurse users like Reshicka Upshaw, were interviewed for an LA Times article, traveling thousands of miles offering their skills. Upshaw’s SnapNurse journey took her from Ohio to Southern California.

She is hardly alone. Many of his SnapNurse colleagues have done the same to help communities deal with the effects of Covid. As of early 2022, SnapNurse professionals have collectively cared for more than one million pandemic-affected patients — and counting. That’s an impressive number by anyone’s standards and shows just how ingenious thought can tackle something as overwhelming as a nursing shortage.

SnapNurse: Transforming the Employee-Employer Relationship in Healthcare

Just what has made clinician-founded SnapNurse stand out from other staffing companies and enjoy phenomenal growth of 40,000% between March 2020 and March 2021?

CEO and Founder Cherie Kloss thinks it’s a combination of agility and speed. Kloss explains: “We [SnapNurse’s team] pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable, experienced and credentialed medical personnel to hospitals and healthcare facilities in need as quickly as possible.

Truly, SnapNurse’s unique format and benefits put the site and app in a class of their own.

1. Facilities don’t have to wait long for help.

It is not uncommon for establishments in need of nurses to wait one or more weeks to fill vacancies.

SnapNurse reduces waiting time to just 24 hours. Therefore, facilities can quickly put the right people in place.

Having an immediate resource for a nurse on staff alleviates pressures on healthcare systems while providing better patient care. Currently, SnapNurse has a 100% job fill rate, which means nurses have picked up all jobs that have come through SnapNurse’s portal.

2. Nurses can choose how quickly they want to be paid.

For SnapNurse users, pay can arrive as soon as a shift ends.

Through their proprietary fintech platform, Paymint, they can pay their nurses daily what is owed to them at no cost to the nurse. Rather than waiting a week or two to receive a paycheck, nurses can tap into their earnings immediately after each shift once their time card is approved. As a result, they can pay bills or share money with loved ones faster.

SnapNurse essentially removes the financial insecurities that plague nurses who have to make ends meet before payday.

3. Nurses can interface with SnapNurse on an easy to use app.

People are used to using their mobile devices to do everything from ordering groceries to checking this month’s water usage.

SnapNurse users benefit from the ability to log into a streamlined web application and scroll their way to available jobs. Additionally, each posting clearly outlines its specifications, from location time commitment to weekly pay rates.

The app’s UI itself is a strong selling point, and something people have always loved on SnapNurse’s dynamic Facebook page.

4. Nurses don’t have to worry about the hassle of paperwork and applications.

Nurses interested in joining the SnapNurse system only need to upload their credentials and basic information Once.

After receiving approval, they can immediately start receiving and applying for jobs. In addition, the elimination of unnecessary “busy work” reduces the distance between research work and hanging work.

5. SnapNurse gives equal opportunity to nurses from minority and underserved communities.

Breaking generational curses is a deep mission for SnapNurse.

According to company statistics, around 80% of their nurses are black and other minorities, and many come from underserved areas. SnapNurse gave them the ability to pay off loans, send their kids to college, and enjoy new levels of professional and financial freedom.

In some situations where nurses are in high demand, SnapNurse RNs can earn more than the doctors they work with.

6. Nurses can keep their full-time jobs if they wish.

Although many SnapNurse users fall into the “travelling nurse” category, not all of them fit the mold.

Some users prefer to keep a full-time nursing position. They use SnapNurse to go there when they have more time and want to take shifts at nearby facilities.

In this way, SnapNurse can become a way to enhance a nurse’s resume. It also offers the opportunity to improve and expand networks.

7. Facilities are selected from verified SnapNurse users.

Facilities that choose to work with SnapNurse receive some of the highest quality concierge services.

When they need credentialed healthcare professionals, they can be sure that SnapNurse has already done all the “heavy lifting”. Additionally, hospitals can save money on recruitment by transferring the bulk of their emergency and anticipated hiring needs to SnapNurse.

A nurse staffing solution for now and the future

Will the shortage of nurses begin to diminish over time? Perhaps as more and more young people enter the profession. However, there will always be a need for on-call nurses. And that means SnapNurse seems to have a long and healthy future ahead of it.

Deanna Ritchie

Editor-in-chief at ReadWrite

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