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Siblings seek to honor father who died of COVID-19 by adding his made-up word to the dictionary

Boston — All you want is a awesome, peaceful breakfast. So you slice open an orange or grapefruit and get ready to attack it with a spoon, only to have the fruit’s juice strike you suitable in the eye. 

The phenomenon is perfectly documented in pop culture. But did you know there is a term for what your citrus does to you?

“You get sprayed in the eye and you go, ‘Oh, it orbisculated,'” explained Jonathan Krieger. 

“It orbisculated,” recurring his sister, Hilary Krieger. 

The brother and sister say they picked up that phrase from their father. 

“As a baby, you understand words and phrases due to the fact your mom and dad use them. And then you commence working with them. And you will not query — is it a authentic phrase?” Hilary Krieger said. 

Jonathan and Hilary Krieger. 

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Until eventually you happen to be thumbing by a dictionary one working day to locate there, among “orb” and “orbit,” is almost nothing.

“And I reported, ‘Dad, what is mistaken with this dictionary? Orbisculate is not in it. And he claimed, ‘Well … probably … I may possibly have made this phrase up,'” Hilary Krieger recalled. 

The Kriegers laughed about that for years. Then past April, their father, Neil, died of COVID-19. In the times soon after his loss of life, the “orbisculate” tale was a single of the handful of factors that nonetheless brought them a smile, which gave them an thought. 

“It felt like a incredibly great way to honor somebody at a time when there is certainly not a lot of favourable factors heading on,” Jonathan Krieger stated. 

They introduced a marketing campaign to get “orbisculate” into the dictionary by having persons to use it. 1st, they came up with a list of 78 objectives. 

Get the word in a crossword puzzle: Check out. 

Quickly tattoo it on someone’s entire body: Examine. 

Have it surface in a kid’s chalk drawing: Look at. 

A news tale: Check 

And in a petrie dish of phosphorescent germs: Remarkably, verify. 

Another person even put it on a grocery retail outlet indication that claimed, “Strong probability of orbisculation.” The Words and phrases with Mates activity added it. One particular lady wrote it into a track. 

“Orbisculate” in the Text with Friends video game. 

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Of class, acquiring “orbisculate” entrenched into our vernacular will be a problem, but the Kriegers are determined to see this by.

“That would be a thing our dad would definitely really like,” Hillary Krieger stated. 

“Definitely,” her brother added. 

And you do not need to have a dictionary to see the which means of that.

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