Should I buy a bidet?

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Bidets are an everyday bathroom fixture in many other countries, but in the United States it is not common and has Only recently become more commonly considered (part of the pandemic and a perceived shortage of toilet paper). If you haven’t considered getting a bidet yourself … well, you should. Here are some reasons to buy a bidet, and how to use one.

What Ia bidet?

a bidet is a separate device that washes your butt and lower areas after using the bathroom – basically includingyou use it instead of wiping. There are many types and uses, but we will focus on freestanding bidets and toilet seat bidets.

Why buy a bidet?

Buying a bidet is a healthy, ecological and economical decision. According to the research site Study results and bidet company Tushy, the average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. Because you need less paper when you own a bidet, you can save around 15 million trees one year in the production of toilet paper.

I know what you are thinking – IIf we replace the toilet paper with water, it is a waste of water, but Michelle Yan with the insider reported it takes 37 gallons of water to make a toilet paper roll and only an eighth of a gallon of water to use a bidet. Meanwhile, the United States has the highest use of toilet paper in the world at 34 million rolls per day and spend more than $ 120 per year on toilet paper per household.

A Bidet also minimizes bacteria by washing them away rather than spreading them around your undercarriage. Depending on the type you buy, bidets may also disinfect and dry so you will never need to use toilet paper again.

Bidets also use the most hygienic way to clean your butt: Simple the water. the LA Colon and Rectal Surgery Associates in fact urge people not to use soap to wash their buttocks, explain that the anus is a self-cleaning machine and ”

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